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 The Hike House | SEDONA

Visit the Day Hike Capital of America Sedona Arizona is the

Day Hike Capital of America with over 100 hiking trails.

Hiking is the largest and fastest growing sector of tourism in Sedona. The Hike House is committed to improving

the hiking experience of each hiker and in doing so building a loyal Sedona tourism industry.

Visit Sedona, visit the Hike House, experience Sedona hiking trails, and we know you will return again and again. 

The diversity of Sedona trails is as amazing as the challenge to select the best trail for you and your group.
In keeping with our goal of delivering the best hiking experience we introduced the Sedona Trail Finder, a high definition
visually interactive database of all of the Sedona trails and trail data (an experience in itself). Sedona hikes have never
been easier to research and plan.

The Sedona Trail Finder allows you and your group an opportunity to discuss criteria and filter through trails, identify
appropriate trails, and select the best Sedona trails for you. Hiking Sedona has never been better and guaranteeing
the best Hiking Experience has never been easier.

The Sedona Trail Finder has received acclaim locally, statewide, and nationally. The reviews and feedback from hikers
are incredible. Hiking Sedona is becoming a better experience for many and the Day Hike Capital of America is attracting
more and more hikers.

Announcing the Sedona Trail Rating System

The trail data in the Sedona Trail Finder was a collaborative effort of local experts including our Sedona hiking trail guides.
The Hike House has now introduced the Sedona Trail Rating System to allow the public to comment and rate Sedona trails
based on their individual experience. The Sedona Trail Rating System is accessible by the public and includes trail data,
photos and videos.

The Sedona Trail Rating System is quickly becoming Sedona’s most recognized, comprehensive, and useful on-line hiking
resource for anyone hiking Sedona. The Sedona Trail Rating System is being added to daily by authors, photographers,
and most importantly YOU!

Together the Sedona Trail Finder and the Sedona Trail Rating System create the most sophisticated experience driven
technology platform for hiking in the nation. All Sedona hikes are different and each provides a special hiking experience.
The Hike House makes it easy and fun to research all Sedona hikes and select the ones that you will enjoy most.

You visit Sedona to hike. Your vacation experience and satisfaction is the goal of our hotels, car rental agencies, restaurants,
art galleries, and everyone here in Sedona but your hiking experience and satisfaction is the goal of The Hike House. Hiking
Sedona has become a new and better experience for countless hikers and their families from everywhere around the world.

We promise you a great hiking experience. Come visit us at The Hike House.

Greg & Gracie

Welcome to the Hike House!

The uniqueness of the Total Sedona Hiking Experience is in all that it encompasses. Hiking Sedona is not simply about walking
down the Sedona trails. It is a journey, a journey that begins well before you christen the rocks with the soles of your feet. It begins
with the mere anticipation of being back in nature and continues through the stages of planning and preparation. The eagerness
builds as you select the appropriate gear and the perfect Sedona trail. Then, finally you arrive…you arrive at your destination as
you watch nature’s beauty unfold before your very eyes. The overwhelming feeling comes upon you, “I am back in nature the
way God intended.” The beauty, the majesty, and the peace leave an indelible mark upon your being. The Hike House will look
to improve, enhance, and capture the essence of your Total Sedona Hiking Experience.

Hiking Center of Sedona

The Hike House offers all the elements that bring the hiking experience to life: Sedona Trail Finder, Hiking Footwear & Gear,
On & Off Trail Apparel, Hiking Safety, Guided Adventures, free Hiking Clinics, and the hiker’s Energy Café. The Video below
describes each of these elements. 


The energy Café offers great food and more for hikers. The Energy café is not on a trail but many feel like it is.
The café has expanded to become that special place where you begin your hiking experience sooner and return to
extend it longer.

More hikers begin and end their hike at the Hike House Café than anywhere else in Sedona. We invite you to start your
day with a hot cup of Sedona Coffee and a Hiker’s Breakfast at our café. We have everything you need for a healthy
breakfast before a hike. Learn more about hiking in Sedona and our beautiful Coconino National Forest during breakfast
in our cafe.

We want your hiking experience in Sedona to be the best you have ever had. So enjoy your coffee, use the
Sedona Trail Finder, enjoy our hiker’s breakfast station, and ask our staff of professional hikers any questions
you have. We have maps and all the supplies you will need including a well-rounded assortment of hydration
products and energy foods for your hike.

Energy Café includes:
  • Pre-Hike Breakfast Station (Granolas, cereals, coffee cakes, bagels)
  • Coffee Bar
  • Bakery Goods including the world famous “Mama’s Red Rock Trail Cookies”
  • “Make your own” Trail Mix Station
  • Homemade All Natural Granola Bars
  • All Natural Smoothies & Yogurt Bar
  • Wide Assortment of Energy Bars, Protein Bars and Recovery Bars
  • Energy Drinks, Waters and Juices
Remember, your hiking experience does not end when the trail does. Come join us and other hikers on the café patio.
Take your boots or shoes off. Relax with and enjoy a cool smoothie, fresh juice, or any of the great foods from
the kitchen including “Mama’s Red Rock Trail Cookies.”

Come visit the Hiking Center of Sedona. We are family friendly, kid friendly and hiker friendly.


Sedona Business

The Hike House
431 State Route 179 #B-1
Sedona, AZ 86336