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 Sedona Fit | SEDONA

SedonaFit is a state of the art fitness club featuring a collection of equipment, programs and classes for people who want to lose weight and improve their health and physical condition, but are intimidated or dissatisfied by traditional gyms.
Today, more than ever, we are deluged with confusing and often contradictory information about how to achieve optimal health and fitness. All of this information can be overwhelming, and can make it difficult to even get started with a program. The SedonaFit Team of fitness professionals will help you sort through this and give you the tools and motivation to LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER AND PERFORM BETTER!

 SedonaFit offers:

Group exercise classes 
            * Cardiovascular training equipment from Life Fitness
            * Kinesis functional training system from Technogym
            * Hydraulic resistance training circuit from Technogym    
            * Free weights and strength training equipment
            * Certified Personal Trainers
            * Metabolic rate testing

Sedona Business

Sedona Fit
1835 W. State Route 89A, Suite 6


(928) 284-3483