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Quality - Our team comes with its base of experience from the Los Angeles entertainment television and film industry. We produce fresh, original programming every month and do not rely on catch phrases and staged testimonials to promote our advertisers.

Affordability - We offer a variety of options for all sizes of merchant businesses to reach the visitor community and fit your marketing budget.

Viewership & Ad Frequency - Your commercial reaches the overnight visitor in over 95% of the hotels, motels, B&Bs and resorts in Sedona and VOC, as well as every local home with cable TV. It airs at least 12 times a day, 360+ times a month, roughly once every two hours. The commercials are grouped in 2-1/2 minute commercial breaks between programs, similar to network television.

Web Presence - Your annual contract or segment purchase gives you a free page on sedonaNOW.com with your online video available day and night to viewers all over the world. In addition, we provide a description, images, and links to your business.

Check out how Sedona NOW Channel 18 can benefit your business. We recommend that you clearly analyze all options before purchase and are very confident that when the homework is complete, our product speaks for itself. We would be happy to discuss with you at no obligation all the affordable possibilities for you and your business to be seen by the visitor community.

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Sedona NOW showcases everything interesting about Sedona and positions Red Rock Country as the destination spot it truly is. Each show consists of a combination of featured segments, segment introductions, and commercials - all featuring Sedona businesses and areas of interest.